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There are two types of people in the world: those that wait for things to happen to them and those that get moving to make things happen. The People that get moving are doing something: something for themselves and something for others. They believe that taking care of oneself is just as important as taking care of others. They yearn to make a difference and seek opportunities to be a part of something that impacts what's beyond possible to some. For these people, being part of a movement is not a mandate, it's a choice. A choice that moves them which ultimately move others. They live each day to move. Move it forward.



Movement can mean several things: the act or process of moving; especially: change of place or position or posture.  Another definition would be a series of organized activities working toward an objective. In both cases, they tell the tale of what we are trying to do here at Movement, and so begins our story. My name is Eduardo and I'm the founder of Movement. I won’t tell you the details of growing up poor, losing my father as a child, living in an alcoholic and abusive home, losing my mom to breast cancer, my brother to suicide and my grandmother to a broken heart. The details of the story matter only in the change that it brought about in me and how getting through all of life’s obstacles can bring a renewed appreciation for life and wanting to make a difference. Inspiration and motivation are found in different places for us all; they are personal experiences and if we can channel them positively and energetically they can compel us to do great things that we never before thought possible. All of these great things however start with us.


Living healthy effects us in every branch of our lives; from our relationships with friends and loved ones, to how we interact with coworkers, to the person we walk by on the street or just the confidence we walk into a room with. It defines our moods, our energy levels and gives us the attitude to take on the world, and with Movement that is exactly what we plan to do. It starts with exercise and healthy eating choices and we want to help you with that. This should be a journey and experience you not only should embark on but one that you truly want to and find inspiration in its results. A place that is conducive to helping you become healthier than you had ever imagined and in an energetic environment of like-minded people that are on the same path and that only help make the journey more memorable. As if that wasn’t enough, there is something built in here that will feed the soul as well and allow you to become part of a collective that puts its mark not only on the community you live in but the world. Working out was always just about you, until now.


Movement was created to extend the benefits of positive change not only to you but to the world. Our philosophy is if you strengthen yourself you strengthen the world and here is how we plan to do that. The more you move at Movement the more Movement makes moves in the world. We are constantly searching for, creating and with your help sponsoring, worthy causes and innovative social projects. Some causes address the global challenges of our time and others are the things we see and need directly in our communities, yet driving them all is you, your actions, your movements at //MOVEMENT which in turn help us all individually become healthier and give us more energy to change those personal things we are directly inspired by. The more you come the more we give and the more we all collectively make an impact. Together, we will shape the world one person at a time.


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