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Come up with an Amazing Idea

We can definitely help water the idea but the seeds alone you must plant. Tell us what school and campus you attend to begin with! Then, let us know your innovative idea to make a difference and what you need: a little manpower, publicity, money or maybe just a gentle kick in the arse and we will be behind you all the way!

Do Good for Good's Sake

This means we don't support Capital Costs, Fundraising, Operational Expenses, Tuition / Individual Scholarships and Never Religious or Political Activities. How can you make the world better? Think Smart and Move from the Heart!

Keep it Local Loco

We want to change the world but let's keep it granular. If the project has a larger impact we are always on board but we really love when it's something we can see, feel or touch in our own backyards. So think Global and Act Local.

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