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Full Plates and Half Empty Glasses

Full Plates and Half Empty Glasses We all seem to go through life with no time because we have so much on our plates. Yet listen to any passing conversation and you will most likely hear people talking of this or that that they are not happy with. With so much going on, why is their glass not full as well? We always talk about perspective and whether we see the glass half full or half empty. What does it take to see it as half full or fill it all the way so there is no argument of half this or that at all? It would seem that the full plate of things that compete for our time and attention may not be worth the space on our plates we allocate for them. What would happen if our half empty glass were to tip over, and leave us with nothing? I think perhaps such an act, as unfortunate as it would be, may in fact give us more insight and perspective. For sometimes it takes us having nothing, to realize that we in fact had everything to begin with. Its only then when we remove the non-essential "stuff" that we can make room for those people and experiences, not stuff or things, that were in fact what filled us beyond what we ever knew we were capable of. We have to tap into the low to experience the high and when we are high, we have to remember our perspective from the low to stay true to our meaning. Sometimes When I'm flying a little to high I wear a sock with a hole in the toe Just to reclaim my humble steps... //MOVEMENT Strengthen Yourself Strengthen the World

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