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Knowing our limits: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Muscles, Smiles

Knowing our limits: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Muscles, Smiles Last Sunday //MOVEMENT competed in an obstacle course against 25 of the most hardcore gyms in the area. Many of them are the ones that push you to lift heavier, and faster, and heavier... At //M you will find no one pushing you to go heavy or go home; you will however find us pushing you to smile more, laugh more and engage more with each other. We can build ourselves to be as strong as possible, but the strength of one will never compare to the strength we share collectively. The physical frame can be worked and worked, built and built, but if it has nothing internally pushing it, then the exterior is limited. At //M we work on building happiness, building laughter and building purpose. With that as a motivator, what we are capable of achieving will go well beyond anything merely external motivators can ever achieve. If anyone is wondering if this approach works, well, that competition we were in against all those hardcore gyms... There was only one gym that posted better times than us. Rock, paper, scissors, muscles, smiles...Smiles will always trump everything. //MOVEMENT Strengthen Yourself

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