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The Weighing of the Heart – Egyptian Burpees

The Weighing of the Heart – Egyptian Burpees Ancient Egyptians believed when you died your life would be measured by a ritual called the weighing of the heart. Your heart would be put on a scale and on the other side would be a feather; the feather was the representation of Ma’at which stood for truth and justice and how one helped others during their own life. If the scale was in balance, it meant you lived a good life and you were allowed to pass on into the afterlife. This week I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of an open heart transplant. The picture posted is me carrying the heart to be used to the OR and I was thinking, the physical exercise of carrying this heart is not only good for my own heart but “literally” good for someone else’s too. Most would think that a similar opportunity is not easily accessible to them… but that is the old way of thinking and that was before a //MOVEMENT was started. Those who choose to exercise at //MOVEMENT are already feeding the homeless, teaching children compassion, helping battered women, assisting local human and pet non-profits and much more and they are doing this simply by their actions and choosing to stand behind a business that stands for making an impact and changing the world. Burpees anywhere else are just done for your own heart health. Think like an Egyptian and make your actions count for more than just your own heart and let your life be light like a feather by making your life actions strong in their impact. //MOVEMENT Strengthen Yourself Strengthen the World

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