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The Journey to the End - Olympics Edition

Tonight are the closing ceremonies for the olympics and it marks the end for many aspirations on many levels.

For a city: it marks the end of years of preparation and planning, building and engineering and unfortunately in cases of late, the crescendo for a city as it falls out of the world view and it’s grand facilities shut down and in some cases begin the path to ruin.

For an athlete: For some, it marks the end of a lifelong dream and goal. A path of achievement which has taken an entire life of dedication to their craft and then due to age, injury, or any number of other circumstances, the light at the end of that tunnel now fades.

In both instances, the journey to get to this point has been long. It’s been tough at times, sweet at times, painful at times, joyous at times. With such a long path it inevitably could not have been drawn up the way it played out and even in the cases of the athletes competing in individual competitions, the realization of this dream could not have been materialized alone. It takes teamwork and dedication. It takes sweat and tears. It takes trust in your abilities and trust in others and their shared vision with and for you.

As you watch the closing ceremonies of these Olympics, ask yourself: what does it take to realize a dream? How much work does it take to raise the bar for yourself and live up to your potential? Do you think the athletes that competed could in hindsight have ever imagined not only this years experience, but the journey on the way?

It starts with an idea that more is possible. That despite not seeing how to accomplish such an undertaking, it will never happen until you do what you can today: start. For //MOVEMENT it starts with opening a physical place where great people who want to accomplish great things can gather. A place where people who have a vision not only for a better self, but for a better world to live in. We are faced with so many challenges in today’s world and we see so many opportunities for a better world so where does one begin? The place where all great stories begin, in the beginning and at the starting line. It takes one idea of one person and one belief in oneself to manifest this externally, in type, in speech, in art, in music. It matters not the medium but the passion fueling the idea. Unless lucky, one does not just happen upon some great change and when one starts down the road, the end of the path can rarely be seen. It’s about knowing what should be done, what can be done and just making that first move. That is how we all, can individually, begin a…


Strengthen Yourself

Strengthen the World

Check back this week for part 2 of this Olympic closeout blog.

What’s next? Cities and Athletics. The Repurposing of an Energetic Dream.

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