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Gym Invader Robot and the Pieced Together Superhero

Why is there a robot in the fitness studio and what does it have to do with exercise and changing the world? Looking at it, it is incomplete. It, like many of us, has holes, many holes in it which makes it open to be filled in and therefore impacted. We can look at holes negatively as voids or we can look at them as opportunities and open spaces to be filled in with great things and by the great people we encounter.

We are Robots. Baby robots are pretty easy, just fill them with caring and love. Why are adult robots any different? Maybe because we become more of just that: robots. Robotic in our actions, we go through the motions of daily life as if pre-programmed, not having to think, and building up more and more programming. But if we take the time, and begin to deconstruct the robot, un-compile the data, we will then come back to that basic programming language that is really all we need to change the world: love and compassion. Then we become, More Than Robots.

Superheroes are the same. They are the summation of all the pieced together parts which began like a robot and that make the totality of the one, ultimate, superhero. A superhero is in all of us but somewhere along the line we came to believe that we had to fly, or wear a cape to be one. We need only to search for those that fill our cracks and help us realize our potential to honor or talents. Our talents you see, are individually unique, our own personal superpower, but in the end, all superheroes have the same objective, to use their superpower, powered by love and compassion, to save the world and make it a better place because of them. That power resides in all of us and //MOVEMENT is where Superheroes unite.


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