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All Muscles Engaged and the Microwave Oven

Complete Muscular Engagement - That’s what //MOVEMENT does, where it goes beyond anything else you could get in a workout. The two slashes in movement stand for the dual meaning of everything you are bringing in and getting out of //MOVEMENT. A workout for the body and the soul. Two meanings. Two purposes. Two objectives. Two good actions. Not just about the amazing physical workout, but the way it works out your heart and soul at its core.

Stop anyone on the street and ask them if they want to be part of something that makes a difference? Do they want to stand for something that leaves its mark or do they just want to live the common, unremarkable life? You will probably get a resounding yes, I want my life, my actions to matter. How many businesses do you know that are recycling the positive energy you bring to them right back out to pay it forward on your behalf? What’s your answer?

There WILL come a day when each of us reflect on what our lives meant. Should we wait for our best days to be behind us and look back with regret, or should we evaluate how we can OWN our own destiny today? Exercise will give you energy to empower you to follow your dreams and //MOVEMENT will support you along the way to your final destination and in the meantime, show you how it is all possible.

We all live busy lives and everything we know we should be doing, can be doing, isn’t always given its fair share of time. We live in a fast moving society but we’ve always put in solutions to each of the hurdles we’ve encountered along the way. What happened when we no longer had the time to cook a meal so we could eat and bond with each other: the microwave oven. An invention of convenience built to reclaim time and our most basic needs: food and bonding. So the idea of //MOVEMENT is not so different it seems. It’s the combination of what we need for our health and what we need for our purpose. It’s the microwave oven for a life well lived.


Strengthen Yourself

Strengthen the World

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