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The Sun Rises and the Sun Sets

The Sun Rises and the Sun Sets What we do in between them is up to us. Substitute "life" for "sun" and the analogy works the same. The greatest people to ever live and who had or have the greatest impact have exactly the same amount of hours each day as you. Isn't it time you started thinking about how your actions could have an impact with each step you take? Listen, people come workout at //M but hey, they could do that anywhere... by making the "choice" to do it with us they are choosing to support the beginning of a movement... i mean //MOVEMENT This picture was taken in Hawaii while whale watching with some of the most amazing people I know and looking at it inspires me to do more, to dream more, to be, more. What is it that inspires you to be, better today than you were yesterday? Whatever it is, we hope you have it in your sights. If not, stop by the studio and maybe we can assist you on your journey. Working out was always just about you, until now! //MOVEMENT Strengthen Yourself Strengthen the World

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