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//MOVEMENT Robot and His Outside Minions

Do you know the symbology of the Robot at //MOVEMENT...

Do you even know his name?

How much crosses our paths daily or even hourly which we don't stop to consider; how about not only what crosses our paths but how about our own actions and how we impact those that come across us?

The robot at //MOVEMENT is not just there to give you a charge and to hold things for you but as a reminder to each of us to stop and consider that which we so often take for granted: It is a reminder for us to live up to our own full potential and realize the change we can make.


We have a heart

We have empathy

We put thought into our actions...

It's these thoughts behind the //MOVEMENT

That make a difference

This picture is of the electric meters behind //MOVEMENT and every time I see them it is a reminder to me. If we act like a robot, we will have many more behind us observing and acting like robots as well.

So stop. Think about your actions and the power that you wield.

Put something good into the world and for those that have not yet realized their robotic ways, you will at least be leading a path towards a better world for all that you come across and more importantly all that are lucky enough to have come across you.

When we all combine this vision, it is only then that a shift will occur and we will have begun, a...


Strengthen Yourself

Strengthen the World

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