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A New Kind of Energy

A New Kind of Energy You already get the best workout around at //M but we don’t often call it a gym. You’ve heard post mentioning it as a robot repair shop and also as an Energy Recycling Plant… well, this is a whole new kind of Energy. Meet Energy… it's his name and he’s from a remote corner of Zimbabwe and now attending Lynn. I first met him at a talk I gave at Lynn University and really enjoyed talking to him about his values and story and now several months later, Energy has brought his energy to //MOVEMENT. Why? Well, just like everyone else he wants abs of steel too but just like everyone, he has the choice to do it anywhere… and Energy has chose to be part of something bigger. He has an amazing story and like his name, talking to him is a source of energy. He will be dropping by again soon and when he does we hope you can come join us for an amazing workout. Working out was always just about you, until now! //MOVEMENT Strengthen Yourself

Strengthen the World Strengthen the World

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