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This will be a long read but one you need to read! One you need to read to your friends and one you need to share with everyone you know because this isn’t just about //M… it’s about you! //MOVEMENT is not Closing… no more than we do every night when classes are finished. We do however hope this is a wake call to you all because yes it could happen and in the blink of an eye, all you wished you had said or done or been a part of could be gone. This is not just the fragility of a new business and a real life struggle for us, but a reminder to all of us that we are all mortal and the end could happen to any of us on any given day. What would you say or do for another if it was their last bit of time in existence? We offer our apologies if you felt empty or hurt by our last post. Are you pissed off? You should be! So get mad. Get angry. Get energized! But not at us, with us… Allow us to elaborate. The world needs help! In case you haven’t noticed, the world is not doing too well. Health. Education. Peace. Economics. Environment. We are failing at every turn in large part because as people we are accepting that our individual ways keep us individually sustained and that is our primary focus. Yes we are talking to you and yes this world needs your help and what you have uniquely to offer! When is the right time, when the world is beyond our help? Everyone complains about the problems of the world but ask yourself a serious question: what have you done lately to make a difference? Anybody “can" volunteer and even students are “required” to obtain service hours but really, do you? Have you? What sincere effort have you really made to make an impact?! Part of the initial robot tour at //M talks to the fact that we understand that you are busy, busy working, busy at school, busy living your life, and we profess to understand that that is the way of the world but that is also exactly why //M was created… to help you help make a difference easily and break from the mundane daily routines and pre-programmed actions where people act like robots and stop believing that they, with compassion and action, can contribute to making the world better by simply being more than robots. //M looks for opportunities to make the world better each day and we can do it all because you do what you do with us. We know that when you strip down all the things that fill your day and keep you busy, and you are naked and vulnerable, that only then does the personality mask you show the world get put down and your true heart revealed. It is that truth we collect from you that makes up our DNA and our mission to change the world. When someone dies, we take a short bit to reflect or say publicly how they will be missed or that their attributes in life were admirable, but by this time it is often too late and our words have little meaning or incite no positive action. What if we did fail? No one should be gleaming or happy because a company or a person failed. We should be asking the question to ourselves in how can we pick each other up? We should be asking daily because we pick each other up everyday, because daily, we all struggle and need each other more than we ever take the time to realize. More than we care to admit or keep within our self-interested focus, we are all connected and we will never be as powerful individually than we are as the sum, the sum of all of humanity. We are all great and we all have something to offer to this world, whether it be a lesson to teach, a smile to donate, or a helping hand to extend. This became evident tonight and if you are still reading this, we, I mean I, owe you this... Thank You. This is Eduardo. Phone blowing up and FB getting over 500 views on our post about closing in just the first two hours, most of both the public and private messages received were amazing and genuinely moving. So amazing that in fact, overwhelmed by it all, it brought me to tears. How is it that a business, a “thing”... something created from nothing… could mean so much to so many people? In my solitude, with time to reflect, it was a reinforcement of how much //MOVEMENT means to people and better yet, how much potential it still has. Because of you all, I still believe. The truth is I have put all I have into //MOVEMENT. I had a girlfriend that was better than what I deserved and wanted to settle down with me and have a family, yet I gave it up for //M. I have a house which I bet against for //M… and now soon I will be homeless because of it. I had retirement savings built up since I was 18, all put into //MOVEMENT. I had friends, and hobbies and a life separate from //M, most I rarely talk to or am active with now. Why would I put everything I have, or everything I had, my certain future, on the line: because the future I see us going towards is not one I care to be a part of and I couldn’t go easily into the sunset having not done what I could to alter its course. I am not rich with money but I am so with idealism and belief in people… because it’s idealism and people who are in fact the greatest resources of the world. Socially, look at how fast word spread within just hours and how i heard that groups of //M people began forming their own independent support and discussion groups! That is amazing and THAT is what the world needs more of: a collective energy that together makes a collective impact. Imagine what the same energy towards good could be used for? This is but a small part of not only how connected we are but through such connections, how they give us a vehicle to make an impact. Nothing is sustainable or can prosper without support, not each other, not //MOVEMENT and not the world. We are all in this together. With your help, //MOVEMENT will grow into many other fields well outside of fitness. If you don’t like the idea of working out or don’t live in South Florida, then starting this week we will be offering you ways to help. We will be be starting a volunteer sign up program and be asking you about what skills you have to offer to the world. Then we will put everybody’s skills in a pot of awesome and see what we can cook up. We will also be launching a monthly donation option to enroll in as well as, and this one we are really excited about, //M POWER PAY, a unique "pay it forward" initiative where you can buy classes for those with less or those who you just want to give back to because they deserve it; whether it be other awesome people you know or perhaps ones you’ll never meet, or even donate to teachers or students which we will seek out and give to on your behalf. You will be supporting these individuals with the gift of health and happiness and all the while supporting //M and everything we are collectively trying to accomplish to make the world a better place. If you haven’t come to try us out yet, seriously, what are you waiting for? Most importantly though, to those MEMBERS of //MOVEMENT… You are the energy that makes us whole, and that which continues to not only power us, but to make us smile and know we are the luckiest people in the world to have you on this journey with us. We get to see how happy you are every day, how that continues to grow, how physically you are getting in the best shape of your lives and how that state of health runs so much deeper than just the great physical shape you are in. So know this, and this is the really important part: when you go to sleep each night make sure you close your eyes in peace, because each day the world is a better place because each day through your actions at //MOVEMENT you have made it so. And each day, with every step you take from the first step when you wake, hold your head up high and know that what the world needs is more people like you and that it is better today not in spite of you, but because of you! We. Are. Together... //MOVEMENT Strengthen Yourself Strengthen the World Sign up for classes at

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