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Teaching Local Kids How to Love and Give Back

Is your workout helping local kids to learn the meaning of giving back?

If you are working out at //MOVEMENT the answer is YES.

What did the kids say during this project which was about helping other local less fortunate kids:

“I’d like to give the kids some of my toys.”

“I’d let them sleep in my bed.”

“I would give them all the money in my piggy bank. “

On Friday //MOVEMENT was invited to Spady elementary, a public school in Delray Beach, and recognized for sponsoring a giving back project done by children in the school along with Spady teacher Katie Knight. Kids were supplied with hundreds of boxes to decorate and then collect money to give back to a local non-profit in Boca, Family Promise that helps homeless and low-income families achieve sustainable independence.

//MOVEMENT was invited to take a tour of the school with other local dignitaries and then sat in the beautiful open courtyard while all the kids from all the classrooms went through an amazing procession and surrounded us. Overhead “Imagine” played while each classroom came out bearing it’s banners of Love, Peace, Compassion, Collaboration, Connection, Harmony and the list goes on and on. //MOVEMENT was asked to come up to the podium and Katie Knight, who spearheaded this project internally, spoke of how //MOVEMENT not only asked her, but inspired her, to work on a project with Spady students to teach the power of giving. The students were asked to be involved in the decision making process and it was suggested by one of the little girls at the school that they should do a project centered around LOVE since it was February and Valentine’s day was approaching.

So a project was born and an opportunity that the kids took head on in more than doubling the money so far that was given to them by //MOVEMENT. After the recognition I just sat there in utter amazement and had head to toe chills. How did I get here? Can someone pinch me pleae! How is it that something so disconnected as a fitness studio was making an impact on early childhood students in the area?

First and foremost, it just takes a longing to make a difference. Then it is powered by a group of people gathering and working towards a common goal. It’s an ideal that many of us know but can’t always make the time for and that is why //MOVEMENT was created. Created to do good, on behalf of you, linked directly back to you and all you need do is get a great workout and know that by choosing to do it at //MOVEMENT you are in fact making a difference and part of the solution that is making this world a little better each day.


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