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//MOVEMENT Taking Part in an Amazing World Summit

**Amazing //MOVEMENT Announcement**

What are we doing now?! Watch this VIDEO!!

Amazing World Summit in our own backyards and //MOVEMENT will be there and be part of it!

The Last Stop of this annual summit before having the United Nations host this summit next year, it's about getting the young minds of the world today together to discuss solutions to tomorrows issues... and thousands of incredible young leaders will be there!

In February I (Eduardo) was invited to speak to the team at Lynn University who are leading the charge and was honored to have the chance to lend my voice. I will also be a speaker at the conference along with many more exciting ways that //MOVEMENT will be involved. More info to come later this year.

How is the energy you put forth to be healthier helping to change the world? Stay tuned or come by and try a class and we will be happy to tell you all about it.

Working out was always just about you, until now!


Strengthen Yourself

Strengthen the World


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