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We have the World in our Hands

No Really... with the internet, social media and an app for everything all on our favorite smart devices, we literally have the world in our hands and the ability to truly become one. With this new found power and insight comes new found knowledge and responsibilities. We live in a society that focuses on obtaining more for ourselves as this is the natural byproduct of capitalism however in a society where we have so much more than we actually need and with a growing disparity between who has and has not at what point do we act to shift our mindset? We have 3 choices: 1. Inaction - We can continue to horde and let the growing disparity continue it's march towards the survival of the fittest, wait, I mean richest, and consider ourselves better for being born into a better situation, family, country, etc… 2. Reaction - We can cross our fingers and hope that the waves of change are favorable and then react to the evolving times with an opposite extreme approach and gauge whether our sudden charge of energy to swing the pendulum back is successful. 3. Right Action - We can take the time to examine ourselves internally. Seek out what is right, just, moral and good and then refocus our external energies and actions with this compass pointing us in the right direction. The Japanese have a philosophy called Kaizen which means "improvement" or "good change" and it teaches that small improvement everyday will lead to big improvements in time. With so much help needed, the question may be where does one begin. The answer is in the question: With one. One thought, One change, One action of one person. A //MOVEMENT is now here where positive people who believe in being part of something bigger than themselves gather. The power of one will soon become the power of a collective and the collective's ideas will be the physical force behind a positive change in direction and //MOVEMENT.


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